Energy Bites

Energy Bite Be Here Now

Most people are ruminating on the past in a way that’s not positive and most of us are thinking about the future from a perspective of fear. This way of living keeps our bodies and minds in a ...

September 29
Energy Bite Are You Breathing Properly?

Both modern science and ancient wisdom agree that proper breathing means better health. If you've ever watched a baby breathe while sleeping, you'll notice they breathe with their whole belly, ...

September 7
Energy Bite Eating As a Form of Self Love

When we embrace eating as a form of self love, we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves from the unhealthy obsession with weight, body shape and perfect eating. We have the chance to build the ...

June 27
Energy Bite Nutrition Overwhelm?!

GOOD foods and BAD foods…should I eat THIS or THAT?  I heard THIS was good for ___and THAT causes ____.   These days we 're so bombarded with nutrition info that it can leave us feeling even ...

May 26
Energy Bite Do You Trust Yourself?

When it comes to your relationship with food and health one of the areas worth exploring is the issue of Self-Trust. Please take a moment and ask yourself the following: Do I trust ...

May 20
Energy Bite Your Body is An Intelligent System

In my jouney, I have come to see the divine wisdom in illness – that if we don’t stop and pay attention to ourselves ⁠ ⁠ Our bodies do it for us.⁠ ⁠ It’s like the emergency brake on ...

May 11
Energy Bite “Mother, Divine Energy”

This Mother’s Day, like so many things during this unprecedented time, has come with the gift of deep reflection. Pushed beyond the routine of brunch or dinner reservations, hallmark cards and ...

May 11
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