My journey to being in alignment and energetically nourished

A 65lb+ pregnancy weight gain followed by a subsequent health scare almost 10 years ago forced me to re-evaluate what I came to realize was a pretty unhealthy relationship with food and my body.

For me, food (all food)  had always been a guilty pleasure, there was a lot of All or Nothing mentality-  being “good” or “bad”.

Christine OkezeI understand now that chronic dieting and rigidity around eating became a way for me to feel a sense of control- a way to prove, achieve and be “perfect”.  And along with that came a no pain, no gain exercise approach motivated out of perpetual dissatisfaction with my body.

All that changed radically, when my health scare catalyzed me to explore the deeper relationship between food and healing.

I studied integrative and functional nutrition and became a natural foods chef to launch my coaching business. During this time, my relationship with food shifted dramatically as I came to appreciate food as a powerful ally in my health.  I gained the peace that comes from no longer fearing my appetite and discovered the deep healing that results when we befriend our bodies. I contacted a part of myself that knew I was worthy of something better than all that pain and struggle with food and body image.

My journey to coach hundreds of women with food related health challenges led me to the deeper soul work needed to restore true health and well-being beyond the physical body.  I dived deep into trainings that explored the psycho-emotional roots of dis-ease including energy medicine and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  I learned about the energetic anatomy of the body and how our physiological state and behavioral patterns can mirror our spriritual and emotional states.

If you have ever felt challenged with food and we worked together you would quickly find out that I’m not your everyday nutritionist.

You might say that I can help you heal your Leaky Gut, re-inspire you in the kitchen, befriend your inner child and show you how to balance your chakras.

That’s why I call myself an Energy Nourishment Coach.  The new science accepts that when you boil it all down everything is Energy.  And everything we take into our lives (and not just on our plates) is Nourishment.  I coach people who have lost sight of the things in life that fuel our bodies from the inside out

The things that we are TRULY hungry for…

  • What if you could know what it feels like to be truly satisfied? Deeply nourished?
  • Do you wish that you could finally feel at home with your body?
  • What if you could really trust your body to guide you to what you really need?
  • What if you discovered a whole new capacity for having the health and happiness you desire?

This is what’s possible when you experience my mind body approach to health and weight challenges. This is what happens when you are energetically nourished.


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