Energy Bites

Energy Bite Do You Trust Yourself?

I’ve come to know in my coaching work that one of the biggest obstacles to caring for ourselves is a lack of Self Trust. What’s hard for us to trust: Our Emotions, Our Body, Our Appetite, ...

June 30
Energy Bite Let’s Do A Happiness Check-In

It's a heart centered inquiry: What is the genuine state of who I am and how I am feeling/doing? I'm not talking about the temporary "happiness" promoted by mainstream society that's ...

June 23
Energy Bite What Is Sound Healing?

Just like the food we eat, the sound and vibration we take in has the power to build or diminish our health. This idea that sound has a healing effect on the body and mind is not new. Since the ...

June 10
Energy Bite Live Yoga Classes, Cooking Demo!

I've made it my mission in life to empower you in your health journey by sharing natural systems of healing that restore the body's innate intelligence. Please Join Me In A Live Yoga Class, Watch ...

May 6
Energy Bite How To Listen To Your Body

  Learning to tune into your body's messages is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle.   But chronic busyness can block that vital intuitive connection.  And over time, ignoring or ...

April 29
Energy Bite You Are An Energy Being

Modern science proves that despite this seemingly physical body you walk around in, you and everything in this material universe is actually comprised of 99.99999999999% energy. Everything ...

February 11
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