Is Fear Weighing You Down?

It might surprise you to know that the #1 thing that might be derailing your health goals, especially when it comes to the desire to release excess weight, is not food or exercise related.

It’s FEAR.

You might have other names for your fear: stress, worry, anxiety, but often when we use these words, we’re referring to the same feeling.

Fear is a powerful emotion. It’s an evolutionary response designed to keep us safe from perceived threats. Some fears are healthy but others are unhealthy and can cause you to modify your behavior in ways that negatively affect your body and your life.

Here’s a list of the most common fears that may be impacting your weight and health more than you know:

Fear of:

…Being Rejected / Not Fitting In
…Being Judged
…Being Seen
…Failing At Weight Loss
…Your Genetics
…Not Being Good Enough
…Accepting Myself Just As I Am
…Disappointing Others
…Letting Go of the Comfort of Emotional Eating
…Eating Too Much (especially carbs)
…Dealing With Unresolved Wounds / Experiences
…Being Perceived as Silly or Stupid
…Being Bored or Uncomfortable
…Not Being Deserving
…Not Knowing Enough
…Feeling Good
…The Impact of Change On Your Relationships
…Losing Control
…Feeling Unresolved Emotions

These fears unaddressd can lead to: perfectionism, feeling guilty about prioritizing yourself, all or nothing thinking, emotional defensivess, inauthentic relationships, negative self talk, procrastination, self blame, sabotaging behaviors, rumination, obessiveness, co-dependency, martyrdom, low self esteem, social isolation and compulsive behaviors….all of which have a very real impact on our efforts to make lasting healthy changes in our lives.

Living in the energy of fear has equally serious health consequences: weakens immunity, can cause cardiovascular damage, hormone imbalances, fatigue, negative effects on the brain and more.

Ironically, it’s our fears that make us more likely to fall victim to fad diets and quick fixes, all which make an already disempowering situation even worse.

The only way to break free from this diet mindset and experience the genuine vitality you crave is to be willing to confront your fears and use them to your advantage.

The very first step to overcoming unhealthy fear is finding your center using tools like a daily mindfulness practice to gain valuable insight into your thought patterns. This will give you the confidence to lean into your anxiety and use it to a source of guidance to evolve your potential, instead of a threat to your survival.

Bottomline, health first and foremost happens at the level of our consciousness.

If you’re interested in exploring more strategies to address the psycho-emotional roots of your health and weight issues, let’s talk. Schedule a Free Discovery Session below.

For an upliftng story on courage and resilience, listen to this week’s Soul Science Nutrition Podcast: “Wisdom On the Camino “.

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