Why Creativity Is Healing

A huge missing piece when it comes to health is the role of tapping into our own creativity. Making time for our own creative expression is a powerful antidote to all the stress, resistance and self sabotage that often derail our wellness goals.

Many studies that show that engagement in ANY creative process is linked to lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety, improved immunity, sense of self-worth and overall happiness.

Afterall, when we’re dealing with a health challenge, trauma or illness, there’s always an underlying emotional component that needs a therapeutic outlet.

But to be clear, creative expression is really a non-negotiable part of holistic health for everyone. There’s a lot of wisdom in that old saying: “Do the things that you love”.

Creativity nourishes us at the deeper parts of our nature. It’s where we find inspiration, meaning and purpose, playfulness and wonder.

I have recently discovered how much I love to color (aka coloring mandalas in a coloring book for adults) and painting (aka a class at Pinot’s Palette) It’s amazing what color and imagery can do to soothe the psyche.

And of course, moving my body creatively through dance and yoga never fails to get me out of my head and and better deal with any emotions that are trapped inside.

What’s key is finding simple ways to bring creativity into your life.

Think of any activities that bring enrichment, relaxation, self awareness and pleasure into your life.

Coloring, painting, doodling, sketching
Make a fun recipe
Knitting, kneading clay, making pottery
Journaling, Automatic Writing, Creative Writing
Karaoke, Singing in the shower
Making an art collage, vision board
Unplug and spending time in nature
Making albums, picture collages
Make a digital playlist of your favorite songs and dance in your kitchen

The beautiful thing is that we are all creatives in this human experience.

At the core, true creativity is the attitude we bring to our journey.

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