Why Bio-Individuality Really Matters

Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Carb, Raw Food, FODMAP, AIP …it can feel daunting choosing the “right way to eat”.

You’ve heard me say more than once, that while there are some basic nutrition principles that are generally good for everyone, there is no one-size fits all.

“One person’s food is another’s poison”, gets to the heart of the concept of Bio-Individuality which is why you aren’t seeing the same results by eating the same way as your friend and why you need to stop judging yourself against those toxic “before and after” pictures on social media.

It doesn’t sell as many diet books or programs, but the truth is everyone’s nutritional needs and metabolism, not to mention their preferences, will vary based on several key factors including:

Gut Microbiome
Stress Level
Glucose Tolerance
Activity Level
Emotional Well Being
Health History

If you’re seeking optimal health, the process begins with a commitment to honoring your bio-indviduality, which at the core means that self knowledge is your superpower.

Where To Begin?

1) Back To Basics – Let go of refined sugar and processed foods and nourish your body with whole, real nutrient dense foods. I like Michael Pollan’s adage, “Eat Real Food, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much.”

2) Identify Food Sensitivties – Consider a standard elimination diet: a temporary removal of dairy, gluten, soy, soda, artificial sweeteners and processed meats. It’s best to get some support here, but you can also track signs that a food is not supportive for you: fatigue, digestive discomfort, headaches, mood imbalance, sleep issues, cravings etc.

3) ModifyYour Macronutrient Balance – Play around with your ratio of protein, fat and carbs. You might want to keep a food journal here and notice changes in hunger, satiety and energy level.

4) Do a Personal Inventory – Take a gentle and honest assessment of the other areas of your life that need nourishment.

How is my sleep routine?
How much do I rely on caffeine and alcohol?
Do I make time for physical activity?
Do I make time for self reflection and quietude?
How do I manage stress?
Is there too much negativity in my life?
How can I prioritize my happiness more?
Do I make time for personal hobbies and interests?
Do I surround myself with a network of supportive friends?

Sure, personal exploration does require more time, patience and effort but it really is the most empowering path to discovering what genuinely works for you.

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