My personal picks that helped to guide me on my journey to Energetic Nourishment

Food and Healing:

  • Mark Hyman, M.D.:   Ultra Metabolism / The Blood Sugar Solution
  • Ann Marie Colbin:  Food and Healing
  • Geneen Roth:  Women, Food, God
  • Rebecca Katz:  The Cancer Fighting Kitchen
  • Michael Pollan:  In Defense of Food
  • Sara Gottfried: The Hormone Cure
  • Donna Nakazawa;  The Autoimmune Epidemic
  • Kelly Brogan:  A Mind of Your Own
  • David Perlmutter:  Grain Brain
  • Donna Gates:  Body Ecology Diet

Mind Body Connection:

  • Marc David:  The Slow Down Diet
  • Lissa Rankin:  Mind Over Medicine
  • Louise Hay:  Loving Yourself to Great Health
  • Christiane Northrup:  Goddesses Never Age
  • Joan Borysenko:  Inner Peace for Busy Women

Consciousness and Personal Growth:

  • Tara Brach:  Radical Acceptance
  • Gary Zukav:  Seat of the Soul
  • Michael Singer:  The Untethered Soul
  • Kristin Neff: Self Compassion
  • Liyana Silver: Feminine Genius
  • Byron Katie:  Loving What Is
  • Eckert Tolle:  The Power of Now
  • Colette Baron Reid: Unchartered
  • Tara Mohr:  Playing Big
  • Mary O’Malley:  The Gift of Our Compulsions

Science and Spirituality:

  • Bruce Lipton:  The Biology of Belief
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza:  Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself / Supernatural
  • Gregg Braden:  The Divine Matrix /  Human By Design
  • Doc Childre:  The HeartMath Solution
  • Rick Hanson:  Buddha’s Brain
  • Gay Hendricks:  Conscious Living
  • Sue Morter:  The Energy Codes
  • Caroline Myss:  Anatomy of the Spirit
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