Change Your Mindset, Change Your Health

These days there’s enough basic information out there on what to eat and what to avoid.

But when we’re stressed, bored, lonely or frustrated, our emotions can get the best of us because when we’re triggered there’s a story happening in our minds.

And even though we all have one, most people aren’t even aware of this inner narrative that’s based on our limiting beliefs and past experiences. When left unexamined, it can be a real obstacle to living a healthy happy life.

In fact, there are important studies that show that mindset is a strong predictor for one’s health and longevity (particularly in the domains of stress, diet and obesity). Our perception determines how we process and feel about our situation and thus how we respond and make choices. But equally significant is how our perception impacts our physiology. It turnsout that how we think and feel can mean the difference between health and illness.

When it comes to our health goals, willpower alone is simply not enough. More than likely if we’re really stuck, it’s our mindset that needs a reboot.

For more on this listen to this week’s solo podcast episode:

How Your Perception of Health Impacts Your Health – Why Mindset Matters

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