What is Energetic Nourishment?

Energetic Nourishment is a new empowering paradigm for nutrition, weight management and metabolic disease.

It addresses the huge missing piece in the conversation about today’s most prevalent food and weight related health challenges. Grounded in the best of ancient healing wisdom and modern science, Energetic Nourishment embraces the interconnection of the body, mind and emotions.  

Taking care of your body produces a certain level of health.  Caring for your mental well being yields even more positive results.  And when you adopt an emotion-based approach to your metabolic challenges, you work at the root cause level of health and disease.  And this is when real transformation happens.

Energetic Nourishment understands that a fundamental level our body is a magnificent system of energy, information and intelligence.

When you nourish your energy system you balance your body’s chemistry, regulate hormones and support the body in its natural pursuit toward optimal health.

Energetic Nourishment moves beyond the outdated biomedical model that views our bodies as simply mechanistic machines. It recognizes the existence of an energy system of various frequencies and intensities that flow within and around our bodies that organize and control the growth, repair and function of our cells, tissues and organs.

All the various aspects of your life (your food, your physical activity, your environment, your work, your spirituality, your relationships, your finances, your creativity etc..) have the potential to either nourish or deplete your body’s energy system.

So everything in your life matters.   It’s all about your energy.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in suffering in your health or in your life, it simply means that your energy is not working for you.

Optimal health is achieved when you learn how to be energetically nourished in your life.

Health happens when we are able to fully digest all that we take into our experience extracting what is nourishing and eliminating whatever doesn’t serve us.  Illness, limitation or dysfunction develops when there is a disruption in the flow of energy and information in our bodymind.

Indisputably, we know that good food is the basis of all healing.  It’s our connection to nature and the Earth and it’s what ancient cultures knew to be powerful medicine.  However, even when nutrition is good, a person may still not be well because their health issues require another form of intervention that addresses their mental and emotional well being.

Each of us transmits our own individual vibrational frequency comprised of the sum total of our collective beliefs, emotions and thought patterns.

Because body and mind exist on the same continuum, we have amazing potential to transform ourselves through practice and intention.

Research has revealed the profound effects of the chemistries of stress, fear, anger, relaxation, compassion, appreciation, even prayer, or the love we have for our pets have on our metabolic experience.

Effective strategies for achieving optimal well being are grounded in the truth that we are multi-dimensional beings.  Our health and capacity for self healing is rooted in both our biology and our consciousness.

We are each filled with a universal life energy that flows through our distinctive physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Health, our natural state is when that life force is flowing freely.  But when that energy becomes blocked or stagnant, illness or dis-ease happens. Holistic healing is about releasing the faulty thought patterns, trapped emotions, trauma or lack of fulfillment that are disrupting the flow of our life energy.

Symptoms in the physical body stem from longstanding imbalances in those more subtle bodies.

Energetic changes always precedes the physical ones.

The excess weight, fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue are all external manifestations of a deeper energy imbalance.

In our mental body, the energy blockage can manifest as a distrust of life, resistance to change, living disconnected from our body, passivity or an inability to speak up for yourself.   In our emotional body, this becomes fear, anger, guilt or shame. Finally, in our physical body, blocked energy manifests as inflammation, excess weight, fatigue, diabetes or digestive issues.

It’s all connected.

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