Energy Bites

Energy Bite Self Care Is the New Health Care

With the growing acceptance for more holsitic approaches to health, the practice of self care is definitely more than a passing trend. While self care will look different for each of us, self care ...

July 29
Energy Bite Happy Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice, June 21st, officially marks the beginning of summer. It's also a day that has been celebrated for millennia across cultures as one the most energetically potent times of the ...

June 21
Energy Bite Your Powerful Changeable Mindset

How you think and what you feel matters. I say this often in my coaching work because lasting positive change stems from our emotions, not simply willpower or knowing stuff. Our emotions ...

June 15
Energy Bite Is Fear Weighing You Down?

It might surprise you to know that the #1 thing that might be derailing your health goals, especially when it comes to the desire to release excess weight, is not food or exercise related. It's ...

June 2
Energy Bite Why Creativity Is Healing

A huge missing piece when it comes to health is the role of tapping into our own creativity. Making time for our own creative expression is a powerful antidote to all the stress, resistance ...

May 11
Energy Bite Why A Root Cause Approach Is Best

When it comes our health and weight issues there's a natural human tendency to want a quick fix. Afterall, we're constantly bombarded with ads promoting magic bullets and short cuts. But the ...

April 6
Energy Bite Eating Healthy Is Not A Virtue

Fun Fact: Eating a certain way does not make you a good or bad person. It sounds obvious, but not really when it comes to the endless nutrition do's and don't and fear based messaging around ...

March 31
Energy Bite Are You Leaking Energy?

Heavy Anxious Stuck Fearful Depleted Frustrated Overwhelmed Irritable Unappreciated If you are experiencing any of these feelings more than you would like, before you're tempted by the ...

March 23
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