Energy Bites

Energy Bite Being Grateful For the Difficult

It's one thing to practice feeling grateful for the blessings in our lives, but it's a whole other thing to also appreciate life's challenges and disappointments. I believe that it's ...

November 24
Energy Bite Why Relationships Matter

When it comes to long term health, there is one area that plays a role in ways that are equally or perhaps more influential than good nutrition, proper sleep and exercise - and that’s ...

November 17
Energy Bite The Healing Power of Pleasure

When it comes to health and wellness, pleasure is not automatically what comes to mind. In fact, we keep close tabs on how much enjoyment we allow ourselves to have out of fear that too much ...

October 21
Energy Bite Do You Live In Your Head?

Before I discovered the practice of mindfulness and meditation, I lived in my head and it was a really noisy, not so friendly place. I would over analyze everything, was a slave to my never ...

October 6
Energy Bite Why Love Is the Miracle Cure

Love heals. What modern science is mapping out now, ancient wisdom has known for centuries. When we embody the felt sense experience of love, we are connecting to an all powerful energy that ...

July 28
Energy Bite Back To Basics

I think we can all agree that the world of health and wellness can feel wildly confusing and overwhelming these days. With 24/7 social media feeds jammed with "wellness gurus" pushing detox kits, ...

July 21
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