What Is the Neutral Mind and Why It’s So Important

The greatest antidote to stress and emotional reactivity is known in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga as the Neutral Mind.

The Neutral Mind is what gives us the capacity to move beyond the surface “good” and “bad” of any given situation.

It’s an aspect of our psyche that we can strengthen to balance the negative and positive in order to act in a calm and intutitive manner. Instead of going to the worst case scenario or getting stuck in negative self talk, a strong Neutral Mind allows us to regulate our nervous system, see the big picture and respond in ways that support our higher selves.

In these unprecedented times, havng a strong Neutral Mind is truly your superpower.

Now more than ever it’s essential we invest in cultivating skills to become more self reflective and discerning of how to manage our energy in response to the life going on around us.

Here are some common symptoms that suggest an imbalance in the Neutral Mind:

Difficulty making decisions
High level of interpersonal conflicts
Feeling like a victim of life
General feeling of unease and chronic stress

Speaking from experience, regularly practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation helps me neutralize and maintain a calm and compassionate view of the world. When my Neutral Mind is strong, I am less susceptible to feelings of fear and worry and able to bring more consciousness to everything I’m doing.

But before you think that finding neutral makes you passive or unfeeling; it’s exactly the opposite. Having a strong Neutral Mind allows you to wisely navigate your emotions, feel connected to your intuition and thus take empowered action toward what actually matters most to you.

Developing a daily centering practice such as meditation, breathwork or repeating a mantra are very effective strategies to strengthen the Neutral Mind.

I love guiding my clients to making mindful practice a regular part of their regular self care. I have found it to be the most empowering path to elevating our health and happiness.

Over time you will notice an internal shift in your perception of external events and how you respond to stressful situatons in your life.

For more on this, check out this week’s podcast: “Living Calmly and Consciously In a Busy World” – Interview with Rachel Beanland, MD, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

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