How to Say Goodbye To Summer

Despite the erratic temperatures there’s no denying the fact that it’s time to say goodbye to summer. Sightings of Halloween decor and ads for all things pumpkin spice have arrived.

For me, with every season change, there’s a subtle sense that it’s time for a “fresh start” and so I believe it can be useful to pause for a brief reflection. What did you do this summer? Where did you focus most of your time and energy? How did it feel?

For me, as I reflect on the summer of 2023, I’m filled with nothing but gratitude. I deepened my love and skills for sailing on the Hudson, rekindled my passion for dance and traveled to new and beautiful places.

My focus was cultivating joy and real connection. It felt enlivening. Yes of course, there were a few challenging situations along the way, but leaning in to these experiences as well never failed to yield the gifts of insight and growth.

The practice of self inquiry encourages us to live with more presence and can serve as a much needed nudge out of that feeling that we’re sleepwalking through our life.

So if you desire to move into the Fall season with more conscious intention here are a few prompts for an end of summer reflection.

1. What made you happy?
2. What did you learn about yourself?
3. What are you leaving behind?
4. What new things are you making room for this fall?

Perhaps there are some beliefs, habits and behaviors you want to shift? Or new ones you’ve discovered that you want to stay committed to?

My passion is supporting you in your journey of reflection and transformation.

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