Do You Know Your Worth?

What I mean by knowing your worth is the basic truth that we ALL have worth…an intrinsic value… independent of any status or achievement.

It’s a clarifying self reflection because what we believe (consciously and unconsciously) about our “worth” has a profound affect on every aspect of our life experience. ⁠

When we don’t deeply understand our own value, we have recurring patterns of settling and comromising for less than we deserve. We may struggle to advocate for ourselves because we often put others first and neglect our own needs. When we don’t feel deserving, health oftens fall by the way side as there’s very low motivation to treat ourselves with acts of self love and self care.

Societal, familial conditioning, trauma or abuse are often at the root. Inherently connected to our self esteem and self confidence, not knowing our true worth, can become a formidable obstacle to our happiness and well being.

Here are some common patterns that show up when our worth is in question:

Constantly comparing ourselves to others; an overdependence on outside validation; people pleasing, overworking, tolerating toxic situations or relationships, martyrdom mentality, victimhood mentality, not speaking up and lack of healthy boundaries.

I believe that changing anything in your life for the better is ultimately a process of breaking through the obstacles (limiting beliefs, false perceptions) that are standing in the way of you realizing and embodying your true worth.

To be clear, knowing your worth is not arrogance or entitlement.

When you know you’re worth, you know that the only person that can make you happy is YOU so you take radical responsbility for your own happiness. ⁠

Knowing your worth is what allows you to believe you’re deserving of the beautiful things in life like joy, vitality, connection and love. ⁠

When you know you are inherently valuable, you understand that your body is a precious gift and you honor it. ⁠

When life gets challenging, your inner cheerleader is louder than your inner critic.

You don’t tolerate people or situations that drain your life force energy.

On the contrary, when you know your worth you attract high caliber people who want you to thrive and be happy. ⁠

When you know your worth, you understand that YOU ARE a powerful creator in your life.

“I learned a long time ago, the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side.” – Maya Angelou

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