Spring Cleanse Your Body – Naturally!

Spring has sprung! Almost instinctively, we want to clean out our closets and finally tackle that home improvement project. For many of us, it’s the perfect time to spring clean our bodies too. Proponents of springtime cleanse and detox regimens believe that cleansing can help accelerate the removal of toxins that can accumulate during the winter season giving way to stronger immunity, more energy and improved metabolic function.

However, when we think about detox, most of us think about restrictive diets and fasting. While fasting can have beneficial results in certain situations, it’s usually not the best option for most of us looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Mono-diets are extreme and when you come off them, there’s nothing to keep you from rebounding right back to the toxic foods you were eating before. It’s important that when we decide to detoxify our body, we work at the body’s own pace and allow time for gradual discharge and adjustment. Too extreme or rapid a cleansing can cause great discomfort, bad reactions and worsen an already problematic relationship with food and our bodies.

The beautiful truth is the human body is already perfectly designed to detoxify and repair through its own protective mechanisms, protecting us everyday from toxic exposures from the food we eat, the water we drink, the environment and the personal care and household products we use.

Of course, everyone is dealing with their own individual health situation and only you will know if you need to take some steps to lessen your toxic load by supporting the body’s natural detoxifying capabilities.

Signs and Symptoms of Toxic Overload

1) Feel Bloated
2) Lack of Energy
3) Mood Swings
4) Trouble Sleeping
5) Frequent Digestive Discomfort
6) Headaches
7) Skin Conditions
8) Difficulty Concentrating

If any of this resonating, instead of a body detox plan that relies on gimmicks or extreme diets, why not try an all-natural body detox that actually supports you to make a sustainable change toward better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Try cleansing with whole, organic foods that facilitate the elimination of toxins in your gut and inspire a new appreciation for what we are putting in our bodies.

Load up on green leafy vegetables like kale, arugula and spinach. Rich in chlorophyll, they help the body rid itself of heavy metals, smoke and harmful chemicals by cleansing our blood and liver. Aim to eat a big salad everday for lunch and add lots of leafy greens to your meals.

Let go of or reduce foods that can overload your system like alcohol, excessive caffeine, meat and dairy products, added sugars and sugary drinks. Opt for unsweetened herbal teas, fresh pressed juices and smoothies instead of those milky coffee drinks.
Focus on boosting your daily water intake and enjoy foods that are unprocessed and rich in fibre like fresh fruits, vegetables with skin, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Get rid of the processed stuff that slows the elimination of toxins such as white flour products, pasta, cookies, cakes etc.

A balanced nourishing way of eating will leave you feeling energized, happy and alert. Added benefits include healthier looking skin, shedding unwanted weight and a more efficient metabolism.

And last but definitely not least, find ways to to manage toxic stress levels and get your body moving. A consistent yoga practice supports your body’s circulation and digestion and balances your nervous system.

Bottomline, you can reduce your toxic load in simple steps and empower your body to do its job.

I recommend trying a couple things I’ve listed above and set a time period whether it is 3 days, 7 days or 30 days. If it goes well, you can extend the time, or add some new healthy habits. It’s up to you!

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