How To Elevate Your Health Consciousness

All positive lifestyle change begins first and foremost with a shift in your consciousness. When you make the choice to become more awake and fully present in your life you tap into a force within that positions you to achieve your goals with more ease and flow.

All too often folks jump into a diet or exercise regimen without the piece that brings a deeper resolve and clarity of intention.

This can make creating new behaviors around food and self care extra challenging and often short lived.

Our minds are the most powerful resource we have and there’s plenty of research that shows what think and feel about our health directy influences our health outcomes. So while mindfulness based approaches may not be as alluring as popular fad diets, they’re proven to address the negative emotions and impulsivity that often underlie unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

People often reach a point where they say to theselves “I have to get my health under control.” This can be an important turning point if they choose to become more aware of how their current thoughts, emotions and daily habits are impacting their wellbeing.

Of course, achieving a higher health consciousness doesn’t happen overnight and it can be very helpful to get support. It’s a process to cultivate new atititudes and behavior but the benefits are real and your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Here are Three Paths to Raising Your Health Consciousness:

1) Identify Your Current Beliefs about food, exercise, and health in general. Notice if these beliefs are empowering or disempowering when it comes to doing the things you know you need to do for your health. Challenge your own negative attitudes, reframe them from a more positive perspective and put them into practice.

2) Learn how to tune in to all the important messages that your body is sending you. The first step to healing, either a physical or emotional ailment, is always going back to the body. Practices like meditation, breathwork and yoga teach can help you begin to understand what your unique body needs.

3) Heal and Transform With the Power of Gratitude. There are so many studies that show how cultivating feelings of appreciation have real benefits for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When it comes to our bodies, a lot of us spend more time criticizing our imperfections and thinking about the things we would change about how we look, rather than thinking about what our bodies do for us each and every day. Taking a few moments to be thankful for all that our body allows us to do is a powerful way to shift your mood, self esteem and motivation from the inside out.

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