Why Focus Beyond Weight Loss

What if I told you that the scale is not your friend when it comes to your health goals? When you work with me, what you weigh is actually the least important metric of your progress. This is because there are so many key changes that are happening in your body that can never be measured by a scale including:

1) Lower Inflammation
2) Healthier Digestion
3) More Consistent Energy
4) Less Cravings
5) Better Sleep
6) Changes in Body Composition
7) Improved Strength and Endurance

Not to mention that for way too many people, the scale makes them feel like a failure and feeds unhealthy weight loss obsession. The scale is not going to cheer you on for eating more fruits and vegetables or eating less takeout. It can’t measure how much progress you’re making being more mindful around your food. It won’t help you manage toxic stress levels. And finally, the scale definitely won’t motivate you to tackle a toxic inner narrative or learn more self compassion.

Relying on a scale robs you of your personal power because it reduces your whole process to a simplistic pass/fail situation. And obsessing over calories and pounds steals vital energy that’s needed for cultivating that deeper self awareness, which is fundamental for making any sustainable lifestyle changes.

Too many folks have been programmed to fixate on a number on a scale. Weight goes up, weight goes down, it can change in the course of one day based on a whole complex of factors. There have been plenty of studies that show focusing on specific health outcomes instead of weight, results in behavior changes that lead to better weight management.

Here are my favorite ways to refocus your goals and move beyond weight loss:

1) Feel More Energetic Every Day
2) Prioritize Stress Management
3) Find Balance With Food
4) Drink More Water
5) Love and Accept My Body
6) Move My Body Frequently In Ways That Feel Good
7) Cultivate Body Trust
8) Nurture A Creative Outlet
9) Spend More Time in Nature
10) Get More Quality Sleep

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”
– Caroline Myss

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