What Does It Mean To “Go With the Flow”?

You’ve heard the saying, “Just go wth the flow.” I know it’s easier said than done. But the simple truth is what’s the alternative?

No matter how much we plan and prepare, how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we can’t control. If we let them, they can become a real source of stress and frustration.

It’s simply the nature of life to get “life-ey” from time to time. The more we resist this truth the more we give our power away.

Getting angry about what’s happened, thinking what could have (“should have”) gone differently can be part of a normal healing process of coming to terms with things we can’t change, but eventually we have to move on, otherwise it festers and can turn into depression, anxiety and a recipe for a very unhappy life.

But going with the flow is not a passive strategy, nor does it mean we ignore or minimize difficult emotions.

On the contrary, going with the flow is actually about consciously choosing to be fully present with ALL of our life experience – the good, the bad and the ugly.

It takes real effort to go with flow; because it’s all about your MINDSET.

When we accept life on life’s terms, we can re-direct our energy to controlling the only thing we can and that’s how we respond to our situation. Flowing with life is what places you fully in the driver seat of your life.

When we’re not in flow, we are going against our intuition and perhaps conforming to false standards or external expectations.

Your body knows when you’re in flow with life and when you’re not.

But, no need to become a Zen master overnight. Practicing to flow with life and learning to stop resisting is a daily practice that takes time and patience.

I can share with you the many gifts that I’ve received learning how to be in flow with life. It doesn’t mean I’m always feeling happy or things always feel easy but I will tell you it has recalibrated my whole way of being.

More and more I am guided by what moves me on the inside so I go in the direction of what lights me up and makes me feel alive and free.

I increasingly appreciate how even the darkest times have made me stronger, more real, more compassionate and definitely more humbled.

Often I breathe deep and remind myself:

I am held.
I am loved.
I am guided.

All is well.

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