Master Your Health With Self Awareness

Our capacity for making positive lasting lifestyle change is intimately connected to our level of Self Awareness.

Because our level of Self Awareness determines if we are in command of our mind or if our mind is in command of us.

How we relate to our thoughts has a huge effect on how our days unfold and how well we manage the stressors in our life.

When we learn how to make our mind a friendlier place, living in these bodies becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

However, it takes real effort to change our relationship to certain patterns of thinking.

That’s why when I partner with my coaching clients, giving them tools to cultivate self awareness is my number one priority.

Here are some important signs that one is on their way to creating the true health and vitality they desire:

1) Observing your mind as it processes difficult situations

2) Seeing how your thinking affects your emotions

3) Connecting your emotions and physical sensations

4) Noticing behavior patterns that recur repeatedly in your life

5) Coming to terms with your past and noticing how it shows up in the present

6) Becoming aware of the quality of your inner dialogue

7) Recognizing signs of stress and tension in your body

8) Feeling more connected to your intuition

9) Offering more self compassion and less self judgment

For more like this listen to this week’s Soul Science Nutrition Podcast: “A Pathway To Finding Grace In Tough Times – Catherine Scherwenka, Spiritual Guide, Kundalini Yoga Teacher ”

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