Why Being Mindful About Your Stress Level Matters

Research shows that almost every system in the body is impacted by chronc stress. Everything from daily hassles, work overload, financial worries, family issues; even our disempowering thoughts and trapped emotions can become chronic stressors.

No doubt, stressful events are facts of life. The problem is when the stress response goes unchecked, the overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones that follows can disrupt so many of your body’s processes.

Bringing awareness to your stress level is fundamental. Perhaps there are obvious signals such as: digestive issues, skin problems, headaches, fatigue, weight problems or back pain.

But even if you think that there’s nothing dramatic going on – just being in a human body on planet earth right now can be very stressful.

Take a moment right now and do this short sequence and you’ll appreciate how much tension your body is uconsciously holding on to:

Take a slow deep breath in and out. Now consciously:

1) Relax your jaw
2) Relax your tongue
3) Soften your shoulders
4) Relax your chest
5) Relax your belly

What did you notice? Amazing right? Our bodies never lie.

The rewards of learning how to shift your body out of stress and into relaxation can be improvements in blood pressure, emotional steadiness, better self regulation and so much more.

It’s why the longer I do this work, I realize the most important thing I can do to help my clients achieve their best health is show them ways to create the conditions in their BodyMind to develop more joy and inner peace. Because at the core, that’s what you already are…and when you discover this truth it becomes a much more enjoyable way to live.

For more like this, listen to this week’s podast, “A RoadMap To Retrain Your Brain For Long Lasting Happiness”

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