What the Fall Season Reminds Us

Welcome to Fall, the season that embodies the energy of letting go. It offers a wise reminder that it is the natural cycle of all things to fall away in order for new things to take root and grow again.

As a recovered control freak, I’ve learrned that life feels so much better when I trust in this greater intelligence. Instead of battling reality and trying to make things happen I practice leaning into this surrender energy.

By surrender, I mean 100% acceptance of my situation in the moment with a deep knowing in my heart that all is well regardless of what it may appear.

I choose to see that I am part of nature herself; there are seasons in my life, a constant rhythm of change, beginnings and endings all orchestrated perfectly for my growth and evolution.

The whole idea is not to grip too tightly to the good and not to push away the bad because every thing is transient and it’s all coming with its own medicine.

Meditative practice is key to cultivating this experience and keeping our mind from getting caught in the mud. You can begin to talk to your mind and at a minimum have the intention to embrace things as they come. With time, you will be able to discern the difference between the fluctuations of your mind from your true substantive self.

There’s a peaceful yet focused energy that comes from consciously taking care of your nervous system in this way. You gain the mental clarity and resilience you need to take empowered action and create real positive change.

Lookng back on how recent challenges have unfolded in my life I appreciate the magic of practicing this way of being. It’s strengthened my knowing that the Universe has my back at every turn so I really don’t have to sweat all the details.

That’s pure freedom.

For more like this, listen to this week’s podcast: “Recovering My True Self – Melissa Mayer, Author, Holistic Physical Therapist”

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