A time for deep learning, and real change

Here’s a profound paradox of this unprecedented time.  

The heightened external pressures we’re experiencing can serve as a rapid accelerator for your personal growth, healing and evolution.  

What perhaps have been largely conceptual learnings to this point, can finally become embodied.

Maybe you’ve “known” that you need to slow down and get your stress under control; 

And you’ve also noticed that modern day living has had you running away from yourself, disassociated from your body or living out of sync with what really matters to you,

You’ve also kind of known that it’s your negative self talk and monkey-mind that really needs to shift to change your food habits; 

And that being more kind and compassionate “makes sense” instead of constantly judging and fixing yourself;

Perhaps you’ve wanted to let go of the belief that you have to constantly improve yourself to be okay;

And perhaps you’ve also known that mindfulness tools like meditation, conscious breathing and yoga have been the missing piece, but you’ve just been too busy or too distracted to really give them a try…..

Ultimately, maybe you’ve known down deep that what you’ve been searching for is NOT OUT THERE somewhere…

and can’t be found in a more “perfect body”, weight, clothing size, relationship, job promotion, bank account etc…..

But only found in coming home to yourself. 

Make the choice right NOW to embrace the full scope of what it takes to live a healthy life. 

By taking in perhaps the most valuable lesson of all in this collective pause:  

The only way out of these challenging times is THROUGH.

Stay with yourSelf….

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