You Have an Important Choice to Make

You have an IMPORTANT CHOICE to make in these unprecedented times.

Will you SEE the FEAR, disruption and confusion that’s swirling around you….OR  will you SEE THROUGH it?

Will you push against, distract, or numb out in the face of uncertainty and the unfamiliar?

Or will you notice the collective pause that you are being invited to be a part of.

What if you saw the disruption, chaos and uncertainty as an opportunity to finally slow down and take inventory of what really matters.

To make wiser choices about how to live.

To break the addiction to busyness and mindless living,

To re-direct your attention away from DOING and more BEING

To re-set your definition of what it means to be healthy.

To re-evaluate your relationship to the natural environment.

To re-connect with your Inner Life and ask: “What do I want to create?” 

The most important thing you can do right now for your health and well being as well as for those around you is to cultivate your inner peace and your inner knowing.  

You do this by accepting life’s grand invitation to turn inward rather than the conditioned habit of self-soothing with the external.

Because there is a place inside of you where there is always peace, well being, safety, freedom and joy. 

Your task is to finally get quiet enough to find it.  

So many of us have been asking for more balance in our lives.

So many of us have been asking for more time to get healthy, to heal and care for ourselves to create a better, more sustainable way of life. 

NOW is the time. 

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