Your Body is An Intelligent System

In my jouney, I have come to see the divine wisdom in illness – that if we don’t stop and pay attention to ourselves ⁠

Our bodies do it for us.⁠

It’s like the emergency brake on a runway train.⁠

Our body talks to us 24/7, and UNLIKE THE TRAPPINGS OF OUR MIND, IT’S NEVER WRONG.⁠

II’s 100% PURE FEEDBACK about how you’re living your life.⁠

We’re simply not meant to battle and resist our body when it’s in pain or discomfort, we’re meant to LISTEN to it. ⁠

We are born with an INNATE WISDOM.⁠

I love supporting my clients to detach from making their pain “a problem” so they can see the DEEPER TRUTH beneath it all. ⁠

If you’re struggling with low energy, chronic pain, weight or digestive challenges instead of continuing to pushing through or looking for a quick fix, perhaps it’s time to GO INWARD and ask yourself: ⁠

What is my BODY trying to tell me? ⁠

What area of my life needs more of my ATTENTION?⁠

Is there a deeper LESSON here that I’m being asked to learn?⁠

The answers might be in the physical realm such as more rest, better eating, more movement. ⁠

And iit might also be a message to go deeper into your emotions to see how you can better nourish your inner life. ⁠

When we direct our energy inside ourselves, we connect to what’s underneath our pain and struggle with our body. ⁠

We stop letting our ego dictate and follow where our SOUL wants us to go. ⁠

We connect to our Body Wisdom and the HEALING happens. ⁠

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