The True Meaning of Positive Thinking

One of the many life lessons we have an opportunity right now is to trust that there is always a bigger story to what we are experiencing, beyond what our physical eyes can see.

The practice of unconditional acceptance of what life brings is hard but it is ultimately the key to peace, healing and lasting positive life change.

It means understanding “it is what it is” and KNOWING in your heart that there has to be a way through it.

Positivity on this deeper level is a chosen way of being that shifts us out of the toxic energy of fear, worry and anxiety.
Letting go of the need to know “the why” of all things – and the stories that we tell ourselves of how the world needs to be in order for us to feel happy and safe is a huge game changer.

Acceptance is not about conformity, apathy or giving up.

It is what builds resilience, calm and empowered action.
You learn to be open to the flow of Life, grateful for all the opportunities for learning and growth.

We remain open to POSSIBILITY and give the Universe the room she requires to do her job.

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