The Most Important Question

What is your “BIG WHY”? 

It’s the first and most important question you want to ask yourself when it comes to creating any positive change in your health and life.

Too many of us skip this fundamental step when it comes to setting personal goals or embarking on lifestyle changes. 

Your “BIG WHY” is something you tap into emotionally as an evergreen source of inspiration.

Knowing your “BIG WHY” plugs you into a deeper sense of purpose and helps make you less vulnerable to everyday stressors and more resilientin the face of adversity.

It’s connected to how you “FEEL” about something because it’s something that really matters to your SOUL. 

Your “BIG WHY” is firmly anchored in your core LIFE values;  rather than conformity, obligation or conditioning.

Your “BIG WHY” lives underneath the noisy chatter of your mind…

There’s no analysis, blame or shame, “should” or “supposed to”,  external comparison, PRO / CON list…..

Nope – None of that you have to go deeper…

Your “BIG WHY” can only be found connecting to the intelligence of your HEART.  

Here is where you will ultimately find the answers to: 

What are my deepest intentions?

What do I prioritize over everything else?

“What really matters to me?” 

But please, finding your “BIG WHY” does not have to be a huge lofty endeavor….

The WIN is in the INQUIRY PROCESS itself that opens the door to making choices for yourself that lead to a more empowered and fulfilling life.

During this collective pause we are all being given a unique opportunity to explore both our BIG and SMALL “Why’s”.

Perhaps up until this unique moment in time, habitual busyness and everyday routines have deterred you from some much needed ME time: 

So find a quiet place, make a cup of tea, get a pen and paper to journal your thoughts and ask your Self: 

WHY do I do what I do?  

WHY do I want, what I say I want? 

And for whatever the answers are for each of these questions ask:  “Why is THAT important?”  

And again: “Why is THAT important?” 

And again: “Why is THAT important?” 

As you journal, observe any feelings and sensations that come up for you.  Be curious and kind with this gentle inquiry.

See this beautiful act of deep self care as a healing and timely conversation with your Soul.  

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