Finding Your Own Peace and Healing in These Uncertain Times

There is no doubt that our stress levels are off the charts as we all try to wrap our minds around COVID-19 spreading across the globe.

Feelings of fear, anxiety and helplessness are so normal given the high level of uncertainty we’re all experiencing.

I’ve been reflecting all week on what I can do to be a supportive force to you in the name of collective health and well being.

I offer a loving reminder that pro-actively caring about your mental and emotional energy goes a long way to keeping your body strong and healthy.  

I can tell you that I’ve never been more grateful for the tools I’ve learned in my journey that are helping me find some calm, clear and balance inside, when everything is going absolutely crazy outside.   

I’ve found that one of the most simple but healing mind body practices we can do to bring inner peace is to remember the power of our natural breath.  

Now when we’re stressed out, anxious and our minds can’t stop racing, we automatically do what’s called, Shallow Breathing.  

We breathe from the chest area, inhaling through our mouth, holding our breath and taking in less air.

This breathing pattern causes the body to remain in a cyclical state of stress, activating the sympathetic nervous system, aka fight or flight.  

Over time, shallow breathing can have some serious health effects likeweakening our immune system, aggravating respiratory problems, causing panic attacks and can even be a precursor to heart issues.

On the other hand,  Conscious Breathing means retraining ourselves to breath from our diaphragm – which is called “Belly Breathing’. 

Begin by sitting upright or laying down on your back.  Place one hand on you belly and the other in your chest.   Inhale through your nose slow and deep, while pushing out your belly as much as you can – like a balloon.   

The hand on your stomach will move out and the hand on your chest will remain still.

Now slowly exhale through your nose and feel your belly pulling back in.   

Both your chest and shoulders should stay relaxed and still.

Allow your eyes to close and focus your attention on your breath and the physical sensations of your body.

You might mentally vibrate, “Breathe In Peace”, “Breathe Out Fear”.  

Try setting a timer for at least 5 minutes.   

You will be amazed how much better you can navigate the outer world when you take the time to cultivate a positive shift from Within.  

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