Your Issues Are in the Tissues

“Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind, You Can’t Heal it By Talk Alone”  – Candace Pert

Both ancient wisdom and modern science support the fact that our bodies STORE our EMOTIONAL experiences and memories. ⁠

The ORIGIN OF OUR PAIN AND STRUGGLES (i.e. trauma, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs etc..) LIVES IN OUR BODY. ⁠

They build up energetically and express in 2 main ways: ⁠

1) CHEMICALLY – Stress hormones and neuropeptides flooding our nervous system; these pro-inflammatory chemicals have widespread effects on important bodily functions: metabolism, immunity, heart, brain and gut health etc.…⁠

2) PATTERNS OF TENSION in our Tissue Fibers / Muscles / Fascia – over time they can cause a lack of mobility, chronic pain or disease. ⁠

That’s why TO HEAL using the THINKING abilities of the MIND alone is NOT ENOUGH ⁠

Our ISSUES are literally embedded IN OUR TISSUES. ⁠

We need to LEARN the LANGUAGE OF OUR BODY and connect on a DEEPER E-Motional / ENERGETIC LEVEL.

Whether you are living with painful memories that keep you stuck, anxiety that has you constantly mentally replaying the worst case scenario, low mood that saps your motivation,

OR maybe you live in a body that has felt like your worst enemy for way too long….

Bottom line, the origin of your struggle lives in your body.

Effective weight loss strategies must work at this ROOT CAUSE level so you can easily release the toxic energies that manifest as excess weight, physical limitation or self sabotaging behavior.

But to begin you need an accurate MAP and the right TOOLS to cultivate your ability to tune-in to your body, decode its messages and then use the information to regulate your experience of yourSelf and your life.

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