Why Spiritual Self Care Is Essential – Part 1 of 3

Living in these rapidly changing times, we need to care for more than just our mind and body. We need the medicine that comes from spiritual self care.

Caring for our spiritual dimension does not necessarily mean religion and can look different for all of us. I’m referring to any activities that you engage in to feel a connection to a higher power, to feel more in the present moment, to nurture that dimension of yourself that naturally seeks greater meaning and purpose in life. I like to refer to it as being connected to my Soul.

You see, if you have been trying to navigate everything that is unfolding around you through your thinking mind alone, using willpower as your primary fuel, you’re probably finding your body depleted, having a lot of emotional reactivity and feeling at the mercy of your environment.

What’s missing is the energy that comes from having an expansive sense of what you really are, what’s missing is a connection to an innate divine intelligence in all of us.

There’s a lot of heavy dense energy in the collective now; fear, grief and anxiety are running high and it’s taking an enormous toll on our health and well being. To navigate wisely, requires nothing less than a shift in our consciousness. We need to ask our ego (false self) to step aside and invite our soul, our higher self, to lead and guide our way.

If you want to have more peace, calm and compassion in your daily life, the source is within.

What’s required is connecting to the more subtle aspects of our mind and body, going beyond the predominant identification of ourselves as physical beings.

Cultivating connection to your sacred self gives you a genuine experience of the beautiful multidimensional being that you are.

When you build a foundation for your existence in the subtle realm, the more your psyche is able to perceive the truth of who you are – which is pure LOVE. From this state of awareness, you have a completely different experience of life.

Instead of feeling powerless amid st the uncertainty or upheaval that’s happening in life – you live with this inner knowing – you have this beautiful happiness shield – it wraps you in a blanket of contentment, peace, calm and safety.

Now It doesn’t mean you don’t ever experience pain, rather there’s a beautiful alchemy that takes place. When you connect to this innate divine intelligence, all challenges and difficult emotions that might normally fester and threaten your well being, actually help you expand and grow even more. They pull more YOU out of YOU and so you can experience even more of your true self.

It’s why I’ve come to understand spirituality is at the heart of all healing. Another way to say that is that self love is at the heart of all healing.

More than ever, spiritual nourishment is exactly what is required to shift us bio-chemically, neurologically and energetically in the direction of thriving not just surviving.

Bottom line, staying healthy in these crazy times is a powerful invitation to up our game as humans. We have an important choice to make: continue living in survival mode, allowing our primitive reptilian brains to run the show OR have the self discipline to develop our frontal cortex, the higher centers of our existence.

I invite you to embrace the science and/or the spiritual basis for why we all need to refine our definition of health and well being.

In next week’s post, (and in this week’s upcoming Podcast) I will share my favorite strategies for practicing spiritual self care.

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