Make Your Mind Beautiful and the Body Will Follow

In the name of wellness, we spend so much energy trying to manipulate our bodies. Everywhere you turn, there’s messaging telling you need to change your physical appearance, i.e. body shape or body weight. Don’t even get me started on those social media before and after weight loss pics.

Sadly, losing weight is rarely tied to a pursuit of being the healthiest version of yourself. It’s largely a fear driven pursuit – fear of not being accepted, not being lovable, fear of not being good enough.

Now there’s nothing wrong with doing positive things to have an image of a body that we desire, or even losing excess weight to avoid disease, but the pitfall lies in the belief that outer development alone will bring health and happiness.

Because, bottom line, there is no substituting Body Image for Self Image.

What you think, feel and believe about yourself actually matters the most. It is your foundation. It is is the map of what becomes possible for you in life.

So here’s the invitation: Shift your focus. When it comes to your dissatisfaction with weight: Do things that Make Your Mind Beautiful.

Begin to see your Mind as the true instrument that needs fine tuning. Meditation and mindfulness practices dissolve the illusions that keep us feeling deficient and broken.

These powerful tools calm the nervous system and helps us be more aware of our habits around food, both of which are great for a strong metabolism.

But what I’ve discovered to be the true magic of meditation is the opportunity it gives you to experience your real brilliance, your True Self.

You see, when you make your mind beautiful, you realize the magnificent soul being that you already are.

And from that state of being, you easily offer loving care for your body, giving it the respect and deep nourishment it needs, because you know in your core that you deserve nothing less.

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