How I Became Vegetarian

Fish was the final thing to go as of last August.  I had already let go of meat a long time ago shortly before chef school, where I discovered the joy of a whole foods “plant rich”  way of eating.

So it was, that one day I just naturally found myself not wanting to eat fish anymore.   It wasn’t a big cerebral process, I literally just wasn’t “feeling” it anymore.

I realize the shift around eating animal protein has been a result of the various changes that have come from my journey to self actualize and find true well being. 

Becoming more attuned to my whole SELF (body, mind and soul) has caused shifts in many aspects of my life, including my relationship with FOOD.

As I learned over the years, to let go of fearing, worrying and obsessing about food: Food became this portal to discover so many healing  gifts:

A deeper connection with my body
An opportunity to understand my emotions
A higher level of intuition and creativity
My innate capacity to be in the driver seat of my health
Self Trust, Self Compassion and Self Acceptance
A powerful appreciation for my connection to the Earth

To that end, food not only became this powerful ally in my health  – but it helped me rediscover a sacredness around eating.

As funny as it sounds, I believe I’ve became more spiritually connected to food.  

Think about it, we are the only species that no longer knows intuitively what is correct to eat.  All other (wild) creatures on this planet make food choices guided by an innate intelligence. 

Sadly, humans are at a place in history where that capacity has been lost.  For many, beyond knowing that some foods are “good” or “bad” for us, there is no deeper meaning behind the way we eat.  I’d say that’s good proof of how spiritually disconnected we’ve become, wouldn’t you?

For me, leaving behind the toxic DIET culture paved the way to becoming a more CONSCIOUS EATER.

This has meant letting go of making food choices out of habit, convenience or perfectionist dogma and instead doing the best I can to cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness and intention as my guide. 

Here’s the lens I’ve come to use for navigating my food choices:

1) Nourishment – To nourish means to give what is essential for life, health and growth. Even though things may look like food, taste like food, if it doesn’t give me true nourishment, it’s not food.

In this vain, learning to understand the language of our body is paramount.  Just like all other creatures in nature, we do have  an inborn capacity to choose foods that make us thrive.   We just need to come back home to our bodies, the home of our inner guidance system. 

2) AlignmentEating foods that are in line with the kind of person I want to be in the world.  For me, eating healthy and sustainably now go hand in hand.

It’s become easy to see that there’s no real separation between personal and planetary health.

And finally, just like any important choice we make in life, we need to come back to our core values to guide us.  Eating in integrity is part of living in integrity and that’s what I aspire to in my everyday. 

As a result of these changes, I am so blessed to say that I am feeling the healthiest and most balanced than I’ve ever been.

I’ve seen big differences in my energy level, creativity, mood, appetite and maintaining my natural weight has never been easier.

Bonus:  I’ve become newly inspired to create more delicious vegan and vegetarian Recipes 🙂

And most importantly, I am as deeply committed than ever to serving you on your path to creating your true well being.

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