Truth #2 We Are Our Own Most Powerful Healer

This is the 2nd of 8 posts on “My Eight Personal Truths About Weight Loss” from last week.

“It’s supposed to be a professional secret, but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within.” — ALBERT SCHWEITZER, M.D.”

You know A LOT about your body. One of the foundations of a holistic approach to health is that we honor our intuition and knowledge about our own bodies. We see our doctors and health professionals as collaborators in service to our well being. Because at the end of the day, you are the CEO of your healthcare and no one can be more motivated to heal yourself than you. Your body is your responsibility, so be an active player, be confident and let go of any victim story or perceived power balance between you and your doctor.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you forego seeking their expertise, opinion or conventional medical treatment options – needless to say drugs, surgery have tremendous value and can get you far. But what I’ve learned is that getting where you really need to go in optimal health starts with stepping up to the plate and paying attention to the powerful healer within you.

That begins with taking an honest and open minded approach to what aspect of your life might be at the root of your health challenge. Whether it’s weight, chronic fatigue, poor digestion or pre-diabetes, be committed to addressing any underlying issues that really need your attention.

Your body has a divine intelligence to share with you sending you subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages about your health every day. Paying attention to headaches, energy level, appetite, mood, digestion, cravings, brain fog and looking for connections between what you eat, what you do and how you feel is invaluable information for you as well as any practitioner who is helping you.

Medicine and dietary changes can help in the short term, but if for instance, you’re ill or struggling with self care, and you’re not addressing stress level, depression, chronic negative self-talk, loneliness or boredom, then any positive changes made may not necessarily be permanent.

In my experience, my most successful clients are the ones that are open to the benefits that conventional treatment has to offer but they don’t rely on it as a Band-Aid to avoid facing the truth of where their life is out of alignment.

They don’t ignore their intuition, they learn how to tap into an inner guidance system. They have the courage to get to the root cause of their health issue, a willingness to make changes that serve their whole well being and most importantly a stronger belief in themselves instead of in something outside of themselves to create true health and happiness.

Everyone’s medicine will depend on their unique situation. Some are changes to their wellness routine like: eating more greens, letting go of bread and flour, not skipping meals, preparing more home cooked meals, trying yoga or meditation. Others have included empowering changes like: learning to slow down, leaving a soul killing job, following your calling, letting go of a toxic relationship, prioritizing self care or finding community and connection.

As I discussed in last week’s email, our health challenges can be our greatest teacher. And they keep showing up sometimes because we have yet to learn their deeper lesson. When we are wiling to do the inner work to heal the soul issues that impact our health we step into our true power and heal what really needs healing.

If this approach to health resonates with you and you would like guidance on how to cultivate the inner healer within you, let’s connect.

To true health!



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