Use Mantra for Stress Relief

I want to share a powerful tool for emotional balance, an antidote to the fear and anxiety that can take over in this unprecedented time.

The chaos, constant news, speculations, ruminations of today has created an atmosphere akin to war – in a way that creates phobia, defensiveness, depression.

So many fears in our subconscious are being stirred up – on a collective planetary level.

Now more than ever we need tools to cultivate perspective, tolerance and endurance. 

The key to thriving right now will be having tools to alter  your inner consciousness that shift your physical body toward well-being.

This is the technology of MANTRAman means mind and tra means tool.  Mantra is an instrument of the mind –  powerful sound or vibration that you can use to increase your well-being. 

Mantra is a tool to alter your subconscious impulses, habits, and afflictions.

This ancient healing technology uses the power of sound to dissolve destructive mental activity. 

Every organ in your body has a sound – a frequency and when you chant there is a neurochemical shift in our brain.

Mantra meditation helps your psyche reconnect to the bigger picture – centering your mind and focusing your spirit

Like breathwork, Mantra Meditation practices change our nervous system by altering the set points of our sympathetic and parasympathetic channels.

Chanting mantras changes the chemical composition of the fluids in your brain.

When you chant, you find a bridge to something that slows you down and puts everything into perspective. 

And by the way you don’t need to be a great singer whatsoever to participate in this ancient, sacred beautiful practice.

Mantra first and foremost is about feeling. 

It uses the power of particular sounds to create specific energy (emotional) responses.

Here’s the science:  

There are eighty-four meridian points (neural connections that connect the surface of the body to your organs) on the upper palate of your  mouth. 

Chanting moves your tongue and stimulates those meridian points, and they in turn stimulate the hypothalamus (portion of the brain that maintains the body’s internal balance)

Chanting mantra activates your pineal gland.   When the pineal is activated, it creates a pulse in the pituitary gland (the master gland that governs your adrenals and thyroid).

The chemical composition of your brain becomes balanced which automatically changes your perception and experience of life.

To begin, your primary goal must be finding stability within yourself.

Chant the mantra in a steady pace with reverence and annunciate each sound precisely.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of this technology is Consistency.  

Try simply saying to yourself the mantra below 25 times a day.   Commit to doing it for 40 days straight for its desired effects to take place.  

“Ang Sung Wahe Guru”

Here’s a beautiful You Tube musical version you can sing along to and take in the soothing imagery.

Another powerful healing practice is to play the mantra on a low volume on your computer or laptop in the background to  increase positive vibrations in and around you. 

The power of the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru rejoins the separate parts of ourselves –restoring our wholeness …. the ultimate act of healing.

The literal translation is “ Every cell in my body is dancing with that of the divine” 

It is designed to eliminate haunting thoughts by reminding ourselves of a universal truth  – our larger connection with the universe. 

This mantra removes a fearful, lonely, defensive state of mind.  

For way too long we have been disconnected – fragmented within our individual psyche, disassociated from the miraculous being of our bodies, living separate from our communities, cut off from the life that is right here; conditioned to defend, detached from the healing energy of the earth, the very source  of life itself.

Only when inner calmness is achieved can we heal ourselves and plant a seed for peace in the world. 

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