The Power to Choose

When it comes to creating your best health, your greatest superpower is the Power to Choose.   Think about it, you make choices every minute of every day that directly shape your life experience.

But it’s not just choosing an apple over potato chips or to sleep in or exercise or to prepare a healthy meal or grab fast food.  Sure, these decisions are impactful in their own obvious ways.

The choices that have the biggest impact on your well-being are actually a lot more subtle.  I’m referring to the choices you’re making unconsciously in the privacy of your own mind. 

They trigger the emotional and mental habits that are the biggest obstacles to positive lasting behavior change.

These quiet, un-examined choices are the ones that underlie your capacity to be fully empowered in your health and in your life.   

Will You Choose to……….

  • Listen to your body 
  • Trust your intuition 
  • Say no to what feels wrong or consumes all your energy 
  • Let go of an old story that keeps you stuck 
  • Be who you really are, really  
  • Give yourself permission to accept guidance and support 
  • See your needs and desires as equal to those you love and care about 
  • Stop judging and accept yourself for where you are now
  • Surround yourself with people in your life who honor you
  • Feel loved 
  • See the gift in your setbacks and failures 
  • Make inner peace your priority 
  • Open your heart and forgive 

And perhaps the most important choice is to consciously decide that you want:

To Be in Choice all the time. 

Our health is a consequence of choices that go far beyond what we eat but more aptly of how we want to live. 

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