The Connection Between Meditation and Weight

“I don’t have the time”
“I’m too stressed”
“I have more serious things to deal with”

These are the top 3 excuses I hear people say when it comes to exploring a personal stillness practice such as meditation. Ironically enough, these also are the most popular excuses for not eating more healthy food or exercising regularly.

If you are struggling with low energy, overwhelm, stress burnout, or habits that you know are sabotaging your health, focusing on dieting and weight loss will forever be a failed strategy.

Real solutions must be rooted in strategies that help you:

1) Reduce the toxic effects of chronic stress on your body

2) Change the mindset that underlies unwanted behaviors

The ultimate goal of of a stillness practice is to more readily experience equanimity and steadiness in Life.

When this happens you have more AWARENESS which means you have more CHOICE.

Medical doctors, psychotherapists and neuroscientists are all recommending what yogis have long known:

Calming your mind using the body and your breath activates the body’s natural healing response.

A consistent practice recalibrates your nervous system and balances your hormones. It literally changes the parts of your brain that affect metabolism, heart health, learning, conscious perception, mood and immunity.

So while Meditation, Yoga, Breathing Exercises are not “weight loss tools” per se here’s why they are an essential component of helping you achieve your health goals. They:

1) Reduce inflammation caused by chronic stress
2) Build emotional resilience and reduce reactivity
3) Improve sleep
4) Dissolve habitual negative thinking
5) Enhance self awareness and self efficacy
6) Foster kindness and self compassion

Need help getting started or want to learn how to explore how to integrate a meditative practice into your health and nutrition goals, let’s talk.

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