Elevate Your Consciousness

If you CHOOSE to BELIEVE that everything in LIFE is PURPOSEFUL and that we live in an INTELLIGENT universe, then ALL that you experience is there for your EVOLUTION.⁠

In doing so you, you step into your TRUE POWER by elevating your CONSCIOUSNESS. ⚛️⁠

You CAN CHOOSE to see the bigger picture, the GRAND DESIGN. 👁️⁠

You no longer feel like a victim, dependent on finding peace, safety and freedom in your external circumstances.⁠

You become an EMPOWERED CO-CREATOR. 😎⁠

Instead of asking why is this happening TO ME, I’ve learned to lean in to challenging situations with an OPEN HEART and ask WHY IS THIS UNFOLDING FOR ME? ⁠

If we seek learning and growth from our experiences and as a result, think, feel and behave differently, we can shape our destiny. ⁠

Cultivating an AWAKENED MIND allows us to navgate LIFE with greater INTELLIGENCE and GRACE. ⁠

But most of all, it can be life transforming and magical. ⁠

It’s been in these moments of letting go and trusting the Universe that my life has shifted in the deepest and profound way. ☺️⁠

We ARE being supported and guided, it is simply our CHOICE to LISTEN AND TRUST. 🙏🏼♥️⁠

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