Be Here Now

Most people are ruminating on the past in a way that’s not positive and most of us are thinking about the future from a perspective of fear. This way of living keeps our bodies and minds in a constant state of alarm that forms the roots of all suffering and disease.

We need to become more present minded and break the mental habit of chasing relief, peace, or contentment somewhere outside of ourselves.

Living in the moment, also known as mindfulness, is a state of non judgmental attention on the present.

It’s an active intentional process but it’s not about trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else. It ‘s simply a matter of realizing where you already are.

This state of being is the antidote to chronic worrying, negative self talk, self sabotaging behaviors, and emotional reactivity. It’s the doorway to personal freedom and clarity.

In the present moment, you realize you are not your thoughts, emotions, problems, or worries. You are something lighter, more expansive.

And if you understand that a healthy lifestyle is a series of conscious choices, then you can see how your greatest point of power is when you are inhabiting the present moment.

Because if you’re not aware in the present moment, you’re going to be doing what you do on auto-pilot, dominated by your emotions and habitual thinking.

Living in the present moment is not just a woo woo, new age trend. It’s a way of life with a host of benefits backed up by an abundance of science.

People with greater present moment awareness have:

Less Anxiety and Depression
Improved Ability to Cope with Fear and Anger
Lower Stress Levels
Better Sleep
Healthier Coping Mechanisms for Handling Stress
Improved Overall Sense of Well being
There is no doubt being in the present moment creates the optimal conditions for healing and balance in our body.
You can become mindful at any moment just by paying attention to your immediate experience. You can do it right now.

As you read these words, feel your body seated in your chair, wake up and come into your senses. What do you hear or see? Become aware of your breathing. Focus on the rise of your belly on the inhale, feel the air in your nose as you exhale. Become aware of being alive.

If you’re aware of that feeling right now, as you read this, you are living in the present moment. Nothing happens next. No destination. That’s it. You’re already there.

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