A Neutral Mind – A Game Changer

As a student and soon to be teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, I am so grateful for the tools that help me practice living in “True Neutrality”. ⁠

A Neutral Mind is the ability to see and perceive REALITY FOR WHAT IT IS. ⁠

It BALANCES our experience of things between the Positive Mind (what can go right?) and the Negative Mind (what can go wrong?)⁠

It means not being overly optimistic and ungrounded, ⁠

And not living through the lens of fear and dread. ⁠

Ultimately, Neutrality is about not being at the mercy of knee jerk EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY.⁠

In a Neutral Mind, we learn to OBSERVE our own reactions, motivations, patterns and SEEK TO LEARN from them. ⁠

We practice DISCERNMENT in how we expend our energy and how we respond to our life circumstance. ⁠

The Neutral Mind takes a BIG PICTURE VIEW of life, much less attached to outcomes and expectations. ⁠

The Neutral Mind see the lows and highs of life and feels the DIVINE SYNCRONICITY IN ALL of it. ⁠

The Neutral Mind is the PATHWAY to our SOUL WISDOM that fuels authentc, empowered action. ⁠

The Neutral Mind is what we need more than ever these days to keep us in balance and on track with LIVING HEALTHY INSPIRED LIVES.

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