Weight Challenges Are Your Wake Up Call

Weight Challenges are your Wakeup call

We all feel stressed from living in a go-go, fast paced overstimulated world. We live on autopilot, over thinking and over worrying about what we need to do next. So many of us get to the point that we often feel disconnected from ourselves and our very own bodies.

Make no mistake, chronic stress and the havoc it wreaks on our hormones and the impulsive decisions it triggers is a major contributor to serious illness:

Heart Disease

There’s an abundance of scientific research that proves that self awareness and learning to become present to ourselves brings the body into harmony and homeostasis.

There is no longer any question that at a fundamental level, our bodies are energy and information.

Practices that integrate body, mind and spirit activate our self regulating capabilities.

Bottomline, you are so much powerful when it comes to your health and healing than you have been led to believe.

My holistic approach to weight loss will take you on an inner journey and access a deeper wisdom within so you can respond rather than react to your life’s situation.

It’s not enough to know what to do when it comes to food, nutrition and self care. For real positive change to occur in our habits and biology, there must be a change in consciousness.

When we prioritize feeling more balanced and connected to life, we can take the inspired action to create lasting results.

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