Was your last diet a “fake through”?

Was your last diet a fake through?

There’s certainly no shortage of tips and know how when it comes to eating well, exercise and what makes a healthy lifestyle. So why do the overwhelming majority of folks still struggle to let go of the bad habits that keep them stuck? Why do we say we want one thing and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen?

You might think it’s a lack of discipline or self control that causes you to self-sabotage your health goals.

But the truth is behind every problematic behavior there’s a personal payoff on a deeper level. There’s a hidden benefit underlying the very situations that you say you want to change in your life.

For instance, late night snacking gives us a feeling of comfort and relaxation; overdoing it on sugary, processed foods satisfies our need for pleasure; overworking distracts us from other areas of our life that we may feel less competent, obsessive worrying becomes a way for us to feel more in control.

And if you’re a yo-yo dieter, being overweight itself can have some benefits that fly beneath our conscious radar as well. Extra weight is a good way to insulate ourselves against the world, protect us from traumas, past hurts, difficult emotions or perhaps even a socially acceptable way to avoid the risk of trying new things.

By discovering the positive intention behind every negative behavior pattern or attitude you can release tremendous energy for real change and deep commitment.

We offer ourselves other choices for behavior that are less disruptive, more empowering and can get us on track with where we truly want to go.

You lower the risk of having what is all too common in the dieting world as a “fake-through”.

When it comes to your health and weight loss goals, this approach to personal change is the key difference between working with a health coach like me and a standard nutrition professional.

By guiding you to seek the positive intention behind your unwanted habit, I can help you eliminate the greatest barrier to real sustainable change – and that’s the fear of losing something valuable that your present problems or perceived limitations keep in place.

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