Truth #6 Changing our External World Only Happens When We Change from Within

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#6 Changing our External World Only Happens When We Change from Within

Weight loss – real, sustainable, never-have-to-diet-again weight loss is not about overhauling your body – it’s a mind makeover, first and foremost.

I’m a big believer in the impact of our belief systems on weight loss. Of course, there are specific steps and strategies that help move you toward your goals, but the biggest step in being successful in your weight loss journey (or life’s journey for that matter) is training your mind to accept and believe in the changes you want to make.
You think it’s all the “doing” (or not doing) in your life that got you here but it’s actually your beliefs that have created the life you currently have.

Do these sound familiar?

I can’t lose weight because I have a slow metabolism.

I don’t have enough time to exercise.

I’m just too busy to eat healthy.

I can’t trust myself around chocolate.

Losing weight is hard.

No matter what I do I can’t lose weight.

These are the most common examples of the negative programming that creeps in and keeps us locked in the behaviors and biochemistry that get in the way of achieving our natural weight.

So before you think yet another diet or program is the solution you must be willing to dive deeper – to identify and rewire any self-limiting beliefs like the ones above that can be so damaging.

Because there’s no point in having a vision of how you want your life to be if at the deepest level, your mind will not allow you to step into a new reality.

And make no mistake, it’s your unconscious mind that’s holding you back:

It’s not your genes – it’s your belief about your genes;

It’s not your lack of willpower, it’ your unresolved emotional fears that allowed you to put the weight on in the first place;

It’s not your lack of discipline, it’s that voice inside your head that has you believing you aren’t loveable and worthy just the way you are.

You see, I believe our external world reflects our inner world.

Consider this – your Life is a reflection of You, the person you have become as a direct result of all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Because what you think, feel and believe shapes behaviors (habits) andbiological functioning, it has a profound impact on your physical reality.

Conventional dieting has you wasting all your time and effort trying to change that reflection in the mirror. It has us hyper-focused on losing inches and pounds. It’s a futile experience. This is what happens when you stay on the surface restricting calories and doing punishing exercise.

It sounds obvious, almost silly, you know you can’t change your body by working on the person inside the mirror. After all, it’s just a reflection, a representation of you.

Rather It’s the Real You, the person in front of the mirror, that has to change.

And that kind of change means paying more attention to your inner environment.

Because when the person in front of the mirror feels 100% deserving, beautiful, lighter, authentic and in flow with life, the person inside the mirror will inevitably follow suit.

There’s a saying in holistic health: the body responds to ‘issues in the tissues’ – in other words, we hold our emotions in our bodies.

This is the essence of the mind-body connection: our thoughts influence the shape, structure and functioning of our bodies and our bodies reinforce our mental or emotional state.

So if the person in front of the mirror is constantly judging herself harshly, running from feelings of shame and inadequacy, all the nutrition tactics and self-discipline in the world won’t produce lasting results.

Most nutrition professionals would rather write about tactic after tactic because it’s easier to sell, but that doesn’t actually change behaviors and produce real positive life change.

I, on the other hand believe the peace and contentment you seek comes from being real with yourself.

Until you take a radically honest look at your Self and deal with your belief system, you’ll go from one diet or program to another thinking a lack of willpower and self-sabotage are what’s holding you back.

The beautiful thing is that when we accept that we are 100% responsible for our lives, we awaken to the truth that we have the power to change our lives. We can shift out of blaming and victim mode, which frees up the physical and emotional energy you need to change your situation for the longhaul.

Our present reality is just life’s feedback, there to help us change course and create new circumstances based on a shift in awareness.

Your body is the ultimate mirror, reflecting back the state of your inner world.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, or have even lost hope of ever achieving your ideal body, ask yourself: what beliefs have been holding you back?

Beliefs shape your reality. And the good news is that you can consciously choose them.

So if you’re ready to dig deep and get to the root cause of your weight problem – let’s talk.

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