Truth #3 Your Body is Your Partner for Creating the Health You Desire

This is the 3rd of 8 posts on “My Eight Personal Truths About Weight Loss” from previously.

#3 Your Body is Your Partner for Creating the Health You Desire

Here’s the deal. Your body wants to be healthy. In fact, it’s always working on your behalf constantly managing and adapting, trying to heal in every moment. It never lies to you and serves as a barometer for your inner world. Yet in spite of this truth, if you’ve struggled with weight like me, you’re probably been in the habit of constantly criticizing, scolding or at best ignoring her.

Maybe you’ve avoided looking at her in the mirror, said mean things to her when you see yourself in your vacation pictures, ignored a void in your life and used food to fill it, or maybe you just walk around tuned in all day to the radio station in your head about how disgusting or unloveable she is. Ouch!

What if I told you that I believe that you will never achieve and maintain your weight loss goals or heal your health challenges until you learn to love yourself – your whole self – belly fat, pain, chronic fatigue, binge eating etc… ALL of it.

Because anything less than that leaves you cut off from the only source of true healing that matters – YOU – the real you.

Your body has a vast intelligence to share with you. It possesses innate self healing mechanisms always available and all we have to do is tune in and plug in. And we can only do this from a place of loving acceptance. Fear and self judgment cuts us off from the wisdom of our body. So why not work with her to enhance her ability to heal and create optimal health.

What if the question to ponder is not: What is wrong with me? But rather, “What does my body truly need to support its inborn ability to heal and thrive?”

If we came from a place of honoring our bodies, why wouldn’t we listen to her when she tells us to stop staying up so late, or deprive her of delicious nourishing foods, or listen to the divine messages she sends us, letting us know what’s really going and what needs our highest attention.

It begins with taking 100% (no more and no less) responsibility for where you are in the present moment. Taking responsibility does not mean blaming yourself or being wrong – it simply means you own your journey in life and the choices you have made to create your experience to date — it means you stop believing you are a victim of your circumstances and wake up out of those self limiting beliefs and excuses that are no longer serving you.

You know what I’m talking about:

“I’ve always had a slow metabolism”

“This is just what happens when you get older”

“Losing weight has always been a battle for me”

“I’m lazy and I have no willpower”

“It’s because of my genes”.

“I’m too busy to eat healthy”

“My work schedule makes it too hard to take care of myself”

Weight and health challenges happen when we have made it a practice to tune out, check out of our bodies when we are in our head more than we need to be – when we swallow emotions that need to be expressed, when we take our bodies for granted, pushing, overworking, stressing so much – that we find ourselves out of sync with our natural rhythms – when we forget that our body is actually the home of our soul – a beautiful, perfect, (and weight-less) soul whose only purpose is to have YOU experience as much love and joy in this brief stint here called Life.

So what if you truly appreciated the divine power, strength and resilience your body has shown you all the way up to this very moment.

What would your “Weight Loss Plan” look like? Maybe…..

  • Honor the beautiful spirit within me with real, nourishing food
  • Eat slowly, with reverence
  • Commit to cleansing myself of negative self-talk
  • Understand that my unexpressed emotions and thoughts affect her
  • Adorn myself with nice, comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Realize that laughter, play and rest help me feel good
  • Listen to the messages she is sending me when I am hurting or sick
  • Make friends with the person in the mirror and tell her “You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are”
  • Find movement that makes me feel beautiful and strong – she deserves it
  • Say YES only to the things that make my heart sing

I’ve witnessed up close and personal how this holistic approach to healing works for my clients. It’s truly empowering and it makes your heart sing! And at the end of the day isn’t that what you really want?

If you want to learn more about my approach to health, let’s connect.

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