The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

In my work, I know that unprocessed emotions are one of the leading causes of food and weight struggles. They drive our unwanted habits and are at the root of self sabotaging behaviors. I’ve worked with a lot of clients who honestly felt they didn’t deserve to be healthy, to be beautiful, or even to be happy.

Every attempt to acheive their natural weight or make positive lifestyle changes was railroaded by the negative way they related to themselves. So when these clients combined emotional work with nutritional and self care changes, they experienced profound shifts, not overnight, but over time.

Now did you also know that emotions have a direct impact on your physiology as well. Research shows that our everyday thoughts and feelings share some very real chemical links with our nervous, endocrine, immune and digestive systems.

These understandings about how our emotions shape our behaviors as well as our biology have huge implications for for how we can better address our metabolic health challenges.

The body/mind connection is real and powerful and if you care about protecting and optimizing your health, your personal health routine cannot afford to overlook the biochemical role that your emotions and mental states has on your physical body.

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