Is Your Mind Bullying Your Body?

When it comes down to it, your health is essentially the sum of your habits.

Habits are what you do repeatedly, mostly automatically.

They are what you spend your time thinking and doing every single day.

Our physical body is quite literally shaped by our habitual thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

That’s why when it comes to your health and weight loss goals understanding the right way to go about breaking bad habits and forming positive ones is essential.

Typical weight loss diets rely on self control and willpower. But the fact is having to get motivated and remember to do a new behavior will fail you again and again. The science of habit formation proves this. It’s this reliance on motivation and memory that sets you up for years of yo-yo dieting.

As a holistic nutrition coach specializing in weight loss, I often say to folks, I’m in the business of habit transformation.

Sure, losing excess weight is about what foods to eat and not eat, meal planning, hormone balance, gut health, physical activity, stress reduction, etc… (You all know that I’m pretty passionate about all that!)

BUT the key to lasting weight loss has to begin with number one, getting to the root cause of your unwanted habits and number two, giving you a system for easy positive habit formation.

And that involves seeing our mind’s tendencies and our emotions on a deeper level using strategies in mindfulness, conscious self-awareness and self compassion.

So please forget the No Pain, No Gain approach. Let go of deprivation diets — these approaches are all so scientifically flawed.

It doesn’t matter what you “Do” — if you want real lasting positive life change — invest your time and energy in learning how you “Think”.

I’ve designed a whole Group Program to help you wake up to the unconscious behaviors that drive overeating, poor quality eating, lack of self care.

It starts March 21st! I’d love to see you!

Click here to learn more: “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body”

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