Fed Up With Diets, Cleanses and Detoxes?

Here’s the skinny on most detoxes and cleanses:

They aren’t effective for long-term weight loss.  The weight you lose from a cleanse is a result of losing water, carbohydrate stores and stool, which all return after you resume regular eating.

And just like conventional calorie restricted diets they can also wreak havoc on your metabolic rate, blood sugar balance and create digestive distress.

These band-aid approaches are missing the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE


which is fundamental to making healthy lifestyle habits stick for the long term.

The science is clear on this:

The Biology of Weight is a Body Mind Interaction. 

The thoughts that we think and the emotions we feel inform our physiology and behaviors.

Extra weight on your body, unwanted symptoms and self sabotaging food habits are all a reflection of imbalances in the deeper realms of your being. 

I invite you join me in a genuinely “wholistic”  approach: a willingness to dive deep into the energetic disturbances in the heart and mind that are at the root of your health and weight issues.

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