Your Mind Impacts Your Metabolism

Your mind impacts your metabolism

The biggest challenge we have when it comes to health is our unconscious addiction to living in survival mode. Despite how much we know about the importance of eating wholesome foods, good sleep and regular exercise, too many of us are chronically stuck in perpetual busyness.

We blame our work and family schedules for staying up too late, our poor food choices and for our inability to find the time to prepare nutritious meals or exercise. The result is a cycle of being overworked and undernourished that often makes us feel that a healthy lifestyle is beyond our reach. Does this sound familiar?

When it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, conventional programs continue to see the body and the mind as separate. They’re preoccupied with calorie restriction and punishing workouts instead of focusing on how we can change our long-term behavior.

I have several nutrition certifications, which have taught me how to eat healthy and heal on a physical level. But in my own personal journey and during my eight years of health coaching, I have come to appreciate the primary importance of healing our minds in order to create true and lasting well being.

Trying to change the shape of our bodies without regard for what’s going on in our inner world is futile and will always yield temporary results. Rather than relying on willpower, we need to tame our busy mind and find tools to re balance our nervous system so we can shift our behaviors and our biology and make healthy living a lasting reality.

As a result of a deep dive into self exploration in the last few years, my coaching practice has evolved with a central focus on helping people tap into the healing power of the mind body connection rather than focusing on being a number on the scale.

In addition to easy delicious recipes that re-inspire you in the kitchen, I’ve added in meditation and mindfulness exercises, breath and energy work, visualization practices and mantras.

These are powerful tools that can help repair subconscious limiting beliefs around self worth and create a new relationship with food and our bodies.

I also integrate self-compassion and cultivating connection with our inner being. These are the two most powerful gifts that mind body practices have brought forth in me and that have been instrumental in helping my clients achieve their health goals.

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