Are you Committed to Being Fat?

Do you eat when you are stressed out, bored, feeling anxious?

When unconscious impulses cause you to eat, you can easily become and stay overweight even when you don’t want to be.

Here’s the deal: Your food and weight issues have nothing to do with lack of willpower, self control or some weakness in your character like an inability to take your health seriously or general laziness. Nope – not one bit.

The real reason you can’t lose weight easily and keep it off is:

You are Choosing to be overweight. You just don’t think you are of course, because it’s an Unconscious Commitment.

Your excess weight is evidence that there is a raging conflict inside you. Even though you say you want to lose weight, there’s a part of you that knows deep down that if you became thin right now that your “safety” would be threatened in some way.

Your deepest intentions are not seen in what you say, but in the results that show up.

So when you look at your current experience you might see that you are unconsciously committed to busyness, overwhelm, putting your needs behind everyone else’s, or numbing unpleasant emotions with food.

Thus understand that your cravings, overeating, procrastination, rationalization are simply the habits that your body/ brain has developd to get your needs met.

And it will keep happening until you identify the Unmet Need – but guess what – when you do this – the unwanted behavior stops being a habit – it becomes a choice – and once you are aware that you have been “Choosing to Be Overweight” – it’s a game changer.

Please understand that this is not about blame and shame though – it’s about the power of radical self honesty to unleash your true metabolic potential.

Has this peaked your interest? Let’s talk.

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