Top 10 Reasons Stress Keeps You Overweight

When it comes to weight and obesity, chronic stress is an even bigger problem than you think.

Sure you know that stress in our lives can trigger sugar cravings, late night snacking, emotional eating, skipped workouts and reliance on processed fast foods but even if you have amazing willpower and discipline, stress is still having a serious and measurable effect on your health and your weight.  

Regular 21st century modern day busyness, emotional imbalance, insufficient sleep, excess carbs, undetected food sensitivities, overworrying even the mental and emotional STRESS of dieting all adds up and leads to Imbalances in the hormone CORTISOL.

And it’s the broken cortisol rhythm that’s at the root of your struggle with weight. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Stress Keeps You Overweight and the KEY THINGS YOUR NEXT WEIGHT LOSS PLAN NEEDS TO ADDRESS: 

1) Elevated Blood Sugar
2) Reduction in Fat Burning Capacity
3) Increased Insulin Resistance
4) Chronic Inflammation
5) Leptin Resistance
6) Decreased Growth Hormone
7) Decreased Thyroid Hormone
8) Reduction in Nutrient Absorption
9) Compromised Gut Immunity
10) Impaired Mood and Mental Clarity

Quite simply, STRESS controls the biology of weight.  Having tools and practices that reverse the harmful effects of living an overheated life and restore the body to it’s natural state of calm and balance is essential if your goal is to have more lasting peace and well being in your body.

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