“Mother, Divine Energy”

This Mother’s Day, like so many things during this unprecedented time, has come with the gift of deep reflection.

Pushed beyond the routine of brunch or dinner reservations, hallmark cards and flowers, massages and mani-pedi’s,  there’s an invitation to feel more, to express more and open our hearts to the life around us in a completely new way.   

There are so many ways and meanings for what a mother is for  each of us.  Regardless of what that looks like for you in your life, today is a beautiful opportunity to call upon and honor the Divine Mother energy within yourself.   

My wish for you is that you find time today to receive this sacred creative energy of pure unconditional love.   Give yourself all the nurturing and support that your heart desires.

Learning to be a mother to ourselves is an important life skill,  but especially now amidst the emotional rollercoaster that’s become the new reality.

We can look at “mothering” ourselves as finding ways not to be at the mercy of our environment so we can create our own inner calm and feeling of safety.

Begin with feeling all the “feels” of  today –  perhaps that’s gratitude and appreciation, sadness or loneliness – perhaps it’s a mix of those feelings and a whole bunch more.   It’s ALL welcome.  

Self-mothering begins with accepting and honoring how you really feel and holding a loving space for all of  it.

Create a sacred nurturing space within yourself and within your home today to really show up and be present.  And give yourself  the encouraging words that you need to hear:  “That’s okay sweetheart, I know you’re doing the best that you can, “I’m right here for you”  “I see you.”.  

I know I say this often; but prioritize your self care.   Give your body nourishing food. take a long warm bath, connect with nature, enagage in authentic conversations, move your body in a way that makes you feel strong and beautiful.    Doing so reminds you that you are worthy of your own time and attention.  

You can’t effectively serve  others in your life when your cup is empty.  Divine Mother energy lets go of martyrdom and embraces your inherent value.  Guilt and shame hold you back; it’s self-compassion that helps you reach your true potential.

Divine Mother Energy is the creative life energy within each of us that simply wants us to remember to connect to that eternal source of love within our hearts.    

So Happy Mother’s Day to you and above all, remember that YOU are already enough and truly a blessing to this world.

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