Trish S

My relationship with food has been problematic, and frustrating most of my adult life. I would use every “mistake”, “error”, slip up with food to beat myself up. I was unable to enjoy food because I was always in a judgmental mindset towards myself. When I would eat food in excess, I would eat more due to my feelings of defeat, and anxiety.

When I seek guidance and help, I do always trust my instincts. In reading Christine’s website “Find Your Delicious Balance”., I was struck by the honesty, the non-judgmental approach, the gentle attitude towards looking at the areas that causes blocks in life, and how we can get so stuck. I was also drawn to the concentration on balance in her program.

My life has changed, and I am newly empowered with my relationship with food. I almost cannot believe it, but I am able to thoughtfully choose my food, meal by meal. I feel so nurtured by eating foods that are good for my body. I love the recipes in Christine’s book, and food shopping has become a pleasure. I have so much more stamina, strength and determination to embrace and enjoy  food and life. I have found joy in more movement (dancing), mindfulness, and Yoga. I only “ exercise” in ways that I enjoy, no more drudgery, no more grind!

Well, this is my favorite questions. Christine has been the only person who has been able to work through my issues with food, and everything around that. She is extremely patient, kind and has  tremendous skill in dealing with the emotions that hindered, thwarted, and encumbered me my whole life. The absolute best thing is that I truly can re-frame my thoughts, and concentrated on what I am doing correct versus all the “mistakes”

Do not give it a second thought.! Christine is the real deal, and she is passionate about her work. Christine is caring, thoughtful, compassionate, purposeful and intentional in all that she does. Her knowledge base and expertise are far reaching. She is generous in spirit, and top-notch! Go for it my dear friend!

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