Regina G

I was dealing with extreme fatigue and hyperglycemia when I first came to you and it was severely effecting my quality of life.

I chose coaching with you because I immediately felt how genuinely you care about the women that walk into your office. You ask all the right questions to get to the root of the problem and listen with enthusiasm, compassion and understanding. Never have I experienced a healthcare practitioner with your intuition and insight.

In addition to feeling physically stronger, because of you, I feel I am always in the forefront of women’s wellness and learning a better way to live a long and healthy and happy life.

What made me the most happy from our time together is gaining the hope from you that I can have a better life when I choose myself, slow down and embrace pleasure. You have an intense desire to help women feel the best in their bodies and minds.

If I were to recommend you to my best friend, I would say, I have been working with Christine for 4 years and it has truly changed my life.  It is always fun, interesting and enlightening and everything she shares from delicious recipes, to meditations and yoga poses are easily integrated into your life. Call Christine! It is her life’s mission to empower women in all areas of their lives.

The most valuable benefit was discovering how empowered we really are over our own health. We can take control of our own health through kindness, compassion, self realization. 


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